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Center for Integrative Health and Wellness

Educational Opportunities for Medical Students

With the redesign of the UC College of Medicine curriculum, educators are placing more emphasis on exposing medical students to relevant patient interactions earlier, including teaching a more integrative approach to medicine. Principles of integrative medicine are beginning to be interwoven into existing courses and electives.

The Center for Integrative Health and Wellness supports a student group dedicated to integrative medicine interests, as well as several courses, programs and learning opportunities for medical students throughout their four years of study and practice.

A gift from a generous donor also made it possible to provide medical students with free healthy snack options from the Dan Asimus, MD Healthy Snack Corner.


Mind-Body Skills Program

The UC Center for Integrative Health and Wellness Mind-Body Skills Program offers training opportunities for faculty and students.

Visit our Mind-Body Skills Program page to learn more and apply >>

Student Wellness Retreats @ Turner Farm

Student Wellness Retreats are inter-professional, experiential learning opportunities open to all Academic Health Center students. Retreats take place at Turner Farm, an organic farm in Indian Hill.

Learn more and apply to take part >>

Integrative Medicine Student Interest Group

This group provides a forum for medical students to learn, challenge, explore, share, and experience Integrative Medicine through sponsorship of speakers, practical workshops, and discussions. Learn more >>

Partnership with UCCOM Office of Student Affairs

Visit the Office of Medical Student Affairs for more information about their student educational and wellness offerings, some in collaboration with the UC Center for Integrative Health and Wellness including:

NCIPH Primary Care Course

The University of Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine (AzCIM) and the Academic Consortium for Integrative Medicine & Health (The Consortium) in cooperation with the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) created the National Center for Integrative Primary Healthcare (NCIPH). The purpose of the NCIPH is to advance the incorporation of competency and evidence based integrative health (IH) curricula and best practices into primary care education and practice.

UC is currently participating as a pilot site for the 45-hour introductory interprofessional integrative healthcare course, Foundations in Integrative Health.

Other Medical Student Courses

Physician and Society 101 and 201:These courses include complementary and integrative health concepts that help students incorporate integrative practices, many of which are already being used by patients, into medical treatment.

Year 4 Integrative Medicine Elective:

This four-week elective is designed to broaden students' knowledge of the ever-growing field of complementary and integrative medicine.Students gain a heightened sensitivity to these concepts via experiential, interactive sessions with physicians and other practitioners.

The month-long elective includes didactic and shadowing experiences for trainees in their last year of medical school.

Other Programs

"Finding Meaning in Medicine" Year 3 Medical Student Intersession:Center faculty have served as group facilitators for this program that involves small group discussions to replenish a sense of meaning, satisfaction and purpose in one’s work. Finding Meaning in Medicine (FMM) is a program developed by Dr. Rachel Remen and consists of structured small-group discussions designed to help doctors, student doctors, and other health professionals talk openly about their experiences in clinical practice.Session Objectives include:

  • Provide third year medical students with an opportunity to reflect on their clinical experience thus far and engage in meaningful and honest dialogue with colleagues
  • Learn the concept of generous listening and begin practicing this skill in session
  • Remind students of their humanistic goals in their work as physicians
  • Encourage and promote student wellness
Medical student in CARE/Crawley atrium.

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