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Graduate Student Research Overview

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Responsible Conduct of Research Refresher Course Completed in 2016

The students listed below completed the RCR Refresher Course in 2016.  This course fulfills the requirements set forth by the NIH for pre and postdoctoral research trainees.

Surname Given name
Aljohani Hashim
Bezold Katherine
Bhattacharjee Anukana
Gangidine Andrew
Glaunert Michelle
Han Lu
Hofacer Rylon
Hosford Bethany
Kendall Jed
Koncar Robert
Krutzler (Powers) Amanda
Lander Julie
Magella Bliss
Qin Shenyue
Santiago-Colon Albeliz
Schmeltzer Sarah
Schwanekamp Jennifer Amanda
Sen Moen
Smith Brittany
Tweedle Jamie
Udobi Kenea



2015 RCR Refresher Course Completion

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