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Office of Global Health

Students and faculty on an international trip.

Global Health at the College of Medicine

In 2014, the College of Medicine established the Office of Global Health to facilitate education and research opportunities in global health and medical education to faculty, house staff, and students. Global engagement is one of the core principles of the University of Cincinnati’s UC2019 strategic plan, and the College of Medicine is a leader in global health, education, and research.

Faculty, house staff, and students have pioneered and participated in programs around the world, including Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Americas. Programs such as Village Life Outreach Project and Shoulder to Shoulder – founded by UC faculty – provide a variety of opportunities for faculty and students to learn while improving the health of people across the globe.

The College of Medicine is also improving global health closer to home through such programs as the Initiative for Poverty, Justice and Health Scholars’ Program, the Urban Health Project, and the Latino Health Collaborative.

As an educational institution, the College of Medicine encourages its researchers, teachers, and learners to experience global health in all its dimensions, including working with colleagues in the Global Health Center at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center.

As part of the UC College of Medicine curriculum, the principles and fundamental aspects of global health are included among the required learning for all medical students.

Those interested in a richer exposure will have the opportunity to undertake more in-depth experiences ‘in the field,’ whether that field is located within Hamilton County, at the national level, in one of the many already-existing international studies locations, or in an individually-designed project conducted across the globe.

For a brief outline of current Office of Global Health activities, please see the following global health summary slides.

Chris Lewis, MD, with children in Africa.

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