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Family and Community Medicine


The Christ Hospital/University of Cincinnati Family Medicine Residency Program trains family physicians to work with all populations, including vulnerable communities: whether they may live across the world, or in our own back yard. Vulnerable populations are those patients who are economically, politically, culturally, ethnically, geographically or in any way marginalized.

We view health care as a multidisciplinary approach that takes into account all the determinants of health: social, environmental and physical. Our curriculum includes speakers from many disciplines: anthropology, nursing, dentistry, pediatrics, public health and psychiatry.

This framework allows us to address issues which face all populations, and prepares physicians to address health issues in whatever practice setting they find themselves.

Below is a general outline of each year of the program, but individual schedules may be subject to changes.

Adult Inpatient Medicine-The Christ Hospital (TCH)
2 months
Behavioral Medicine/Procedures/Vacation 2 weeks 1 month
*Geriatrics 1 month
Community Medicine/Global Health( GH)/Underserved 1 month
*Outpatient Peds Clinics 1 month
Emergency Medicine-University Hospital (UH) 1 month
ICU- TCH 1 month
Newborn-UH 1 month
*Introduction to Family Medicine 1 month
Pediatric Inpatient-Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Med Center (CCHMC) 1 month


Adult Inpatient Medicine-TCH 3 months
*Community Medicine/GH/Underserved 1 month
*Elective 1 month
Neurology (VA: 0.58 FTE) 1 month
*Cardiology 1 month
Obstetrics-TCH (may request to split 2nd, 3rd year) 2 month
*Orthopedics 1 1 month
Pediatric ER–CCHMC 1 month
*Surgery (Inpatient)-TCH 1 month


Adult Inpatient Medicine-TCH 2 months
*Electives (Need strong psych offering) 2 month
*ENT/Ophthalmology 1 month
*Acute Care (Month 2 of ED Requirement) 1 month
*Family Medicine Outpatient 1 month
*Orthopedics 2 2 month
*Outpatient Peds (Month 2 of outpt peds requirement) 1 month
*Underserved and Global Health Rotation 1 month
*Dermatology (Part VA: 0.175 FTE) 1 month
*Gynecology 1 month


*May take vacation 

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More Information

Family Medicine Program Coordinator
Maggie Hey

Phone: 513-721-2221 Ext:10
Fax: 513-345-6665