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Family and Community Medicine

Current Research Projects

Primary Care Training and Enhancement (PCTE)

Principal Investigator: Jeff Schlaudecker, MD, MEd

Funding Agency: Health Resources and Services Administration

The Primary Care Training and Enhancement program aims to strengthen the primary care workforce by supporting enhanced training for future primary care clinicians, teachers and researchers and promoting primary care practice in rural and underserved areas. Family and Geriatric Medicine residents, fellows and faculty physicians will gain knowledge and confidence in health care transformation through a longitudinal curriculum using the experiential learning method to teach them concepts and tools to become primary care 'change agents' and enable them to lead and inspire transformation in their practices to meet the identified needs of their patient population.

For further information, please contact: Jeffrey Schlaudecker

Partnerships that Promote Integrated, Multidisciplinary Training Models and Increase Healthcare Access for the Ohio Medicaid Population

Principal Investigators: Joseph Kiesler, MD and Diana McIntosh, PhD

Funding Agency: Ohio Department of Medicaid/Ohio Medicaid Technical Assistance Policy Program (MEDTAPP)

The major goal of this project is to collaborate with the community to develop multidisciplinary approaches to train practitioners to provide integrated primary and mental health care to the underserved. Through multiple educational activities and multiple training sites, this project will provide innovative and inter-professional training for residents, students, advanced practice psychiatric mental health nurse practitioners and non-psychiatric providers in caring for Ohio’s Medicaid population.

For further information, please contact: Joseph Kiesler or Diana McIntosh

An Interprofessional Strategy for Improving Primary Care Management of Patients with Chronic Pain: Project TEAMS (Teleconference Education and Management Support)

Principal Investigators: Nancy Elder, MD, MSPH and Jill Boone, PharmD

Funding Agency: Pfizer Medical Education Group

Project TEAMS/ECHO clinics are free, monthly, interactive, webinar-based primary care mentoring sessions for primary care physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, students, nurses, medical assistants and office staff to assist with the care of patients with chronic pain. Experts from pain management, physical therapy, pharmacy, addiction medicine, integrative medicine and mental health will discuss, advise and answer questions about patients with chronic pain. Pre and Post surveys and chart reviews are being used to compare change in physician self-efficacy for providing evidence based chronic pain assessment and management.

For further information, please contact: Nancy Elder or Jill Boone

A Mobile App to Enhance Smoking Cessation Shared Decision Making in Primary Care

Principal Investigator: Matthew Tubb, MD, PhD

Funding Agency: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ)

This is a 2 year funded study to develop a novel iPad app for use by smokers in their PCP’s office. The goal is to disseminate comparative effectiveness research about smoking cessation and encouraged shared decision making about cessation options.

For further information, please contact: Matthew Tubb

Improving Mental Health Among Group Visit Prenatal Patients

Principal Investigators: Montiel Rosenthal, MD and Saundra Regan, PhD

Funding Agency: CCTST

This project focuses on depression, stress reduction, substance abuse, patient education and empowerment of pregnant women participating in group visits to improve the outcomes of their pregnancies. Presentations to the prenatal groups will occur with sessions on Lactation, Infant CPR, Prenatal Yoga, Safe Sleep for Infants, Substance Abuse in Pregnancy, Meditation and Depression Self-Help Measures. Social Worker referrals for community based maternity and mental health services will target women at highest risk who score highest on screening tools. Patient outcomes will be analyzed using pre- and post-delivery testing and electronic health record review of mother and baby with respect to gestational age at time of delivery, infant birth weight, # of emergency room/triage visits, tobacco, alcohol and street drug use and cessation, stress and depression scale scores, breastfeeding, and attendance at post-partum visit.

For further information, please contact: Montiel Rosenthal or Saundra Regan

Evaluation of Community Screenings in Primary Care

Principal Investigator: Nancy Elder, MD, MSPH

Funding Agency: Interact for Health

In partnership with Interact for Health, Dr. Nancy Elder, Dr. Christopher White and RA Dan Hargraves are evaluating the reach and success of Interact for Health funded projects supporting Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) programs in community practices. This four-year evaluation assesses projects screening for a number of important conditions, including drug and alcohol use, tobacco use and depression.

For further information, please contact: Nancy Elder

Mind Body Skills Course

Principal Investigator: Sian Cotton, PhD

Funding Agency: Interact for Health; Provost’s Office

The Student Mindfulness Program at the University of Cincinnati (UC) aims to reduce stress and burnout and enhance mental and emotional well-being for students by offering a course that combines training in mind-body skills with group support that leads to enhanced self-care. These mind-body skills training groups provide students with the resources to adaptively deal with stressors, which in turn, may lead to improved overall well-being, empathy and ultimately, improved patient care and healthier balanced professionals.

For further information, please contact: Sian Cotton

Clinical and Practice Outcomes in an Academic Integrative Medicine Clinic

Principal Investigator: Sian Cotton, PhD

Funding Agency: UC Health

This ongoing project aims to collect clinical and evaluation date in a practice-based research clinic setting. Data will be used to drive clinic changes and understand the patient population and needs of the clinic. Preliminary outcomes of pain and stress will be assessed, and linkages to EPIC data will be developed over time to examine the specific benefits of an integrative medicine approach to health outcomes.

For further information, please contact: Sian Cotton

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

Principal Investigator: Charles Doarn, MBA 

Funding Agency: NASA 

This activity sponsors a significant portion of the PI's salary to support NASA's Chief Health and Medical Officer in a variety of tasks associated with men and women in extreme environments. This includes significant writing, development of medical policy and reviewing risks associated with human spaceflight. Additional tasks include serving as the co-chair of the Federal Government's Telemedicine (FedTel) working group. 

For further information, please contact: Charles Doarn

Family Medicine Student with Research Presentation

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