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Emergency Medicine

Medical Device Engine

Developing a medical device is a complex exchange of ideas involving multiple specialties.  It requires collaboration and cross-disciplinary effort. 

 Chart on how to develop a medical device.


Medical Device Engine was established October 1, 2012 to support medical device development at the University of Cincinnati.  To date, there are 3 main focused efforts:

  1. Industrial Collaborations in support of their device development goals
    • Lead by Mary Beth Privitera and Chris Lindsell
  2. Establish the Du-it Network in support of a national/international device development
    • Lead by Andra Blomkalns
  3. Academic program to further establish direct links between the College of Medicine with the Colleges of Engineering & Applied Science, Linder College of Business as well as the College of Design, Art, Architecture & Planning.
    • Lead by CCTST Collaborate to Create: Medical Devices working group