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Environmental Health

Doarn appointed director of MPH program

by Eric McClintock | Aug 07, 2019
Charles Doarn, a research professor in the Department of Environmental Health and Family and Community Medicine, has been named director of the Master in Public Health (MPH) program in the College of Medicine.

Jun Ying, PhD, had previously served in the role, and remains a faculty member in the Department of Environmental Health. The MPH program features seven areas of concentration: Biostatistics, Environmental Public Health, Epidemiology, Global Health, Health Education and Promotion, Health Services Management and Occupational Public Health.

With a focus on space medicine, Doarn is a special assistant to the NASA Chief Health and Medical Officer in Washington, is the principal author of NASA's Strategic Plan for Telemedicine, and serves as the executive secretary of the Multilateral Medical Policy Board for the International Space station with NASA. Doarn, who has a master's of business administration, has published over 350 books, book chapters, federal reports, editorials and peer-reviewed manuscripts.

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