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Department of Environmental Health

Division of Public Health Sciences

Master of Public Health - Core Courses

Typically a student can complete the MPH degree in a period of two years after earning 42 credit hours (Students who began the program before Fall Semester 2015 must complete an additional core course; PH Evidence Based, for a total of 45 credit hours). It is possible to complete the MPH degree in one year by registering for full time coursework ever semester including the summer.

The University of Cincinnati MPH degree’s curriculum consists of a minimum of 42 semester hours of coursework.

Core Courses:
  • 15 credit hours
  • Concentration Courses: minimum of 18 credit hours (required and elective courses)
  • Practicum & Culminating Experience: 9 credit hours


Core Courses (15 credits)

Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
PH7010 Biostatistics for Public Health 3
PH7020 Environmental Public Health 3
PH7030 Epidemiology for Public Health 3
PH7060 Health Systems & Policy 3
HPE7040 Social & Behavioral Foundations of Public Health 3
PH7050 Evidence-based Public Health
(Required if you began the program before Fall of 2015)

Concentration Courses (18 credits)

You will select between required and elective courses in your concentration to fulfill this requirement.

Practicum & Culminating Experience (9 credits)

Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
PH8090 Practicum 3

(Choose one of the following options)

  • PH8096 & PH8097: Capstone
  • PH8098 & PH8099: Thesis

Culminating Experience 


Practicum - The practicum is an individually-planned, supervised, and evaluated practice experience through which the student will develop an understanding of, and appreciation for, practice in a public health-related environment relevant to his/her chosen concentration. Experiences gained in the practicum may well lead directly to the problem or project the student undertakes as his/her capstone. 

Culminating Experience - This experience is the mechanism by which the student demonstrates her/his ability to synthesize and integrate the knowledge and skills gained throughout the program. It allows the student to apply theory and principles in a situation that approximates some aspect of professional problem-solving practice and serves as a means by which faculty evaluate whether the student has mastered the body of knowledge and can demonstrate proficiency in the required competencies. Students will typically register for the capstone across more than one term.

MPH Program Costs

MPH tuition and fees are charged at the regular University graduate school rate and will vary by full-time or part-time, resident or non-resident status. Residents of northern Kentucky qualify for the metropolitan rate. International students will qualify for the out-of-state student rate. Information on these costs are available on the University’s Graduate School webpage located under the 'graduate' program category.

For more information on student loans and funding opportunities visit the Financial Aid Office.