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Department of Environmental Health

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UC MPH Program Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the MPH Program?

The MPH Program requires 42 credits. Full-time students may be able to complete the program in as few as four consecutive semesters.

Do you accept part-time students?

The MPH program does accepts part-time students; however, due to the variety of times that MPH program courses are offered (during the daytime, evening and semester specific), some part-time students experience minor hitches flexing their schedules.

What Semester can I start the program?

The MPH program allows admitted students to begin in every semester; Fall (August), Spring (January), and Summer (May). Please note that particular courses are only offered in certain semesters.

Is the program accredited?

UC’s MPH Program has been accredited since 2012 by the Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH), which accredits schools of public health and graduate public health programs outside schools of public health.

What sort of academic background do I need to apply to the MPH Program?

Students must have an undergraduate degree from an accredited, four-year institution. Every major is welcome to apply. Recommended is undergraduate study that includes coursework in the biological sciences as well as in the humanities and social sciences.

Do I need work experience?

We prefer that MPH Program applicants have a minimum of one calendar year of work experience after earning the undergraduate degree. Volunteer work relevant to the health field such as for mission trips, AmeriCorps, summers abroad doing community service, or in a local organization may be included as experience.

How long will it take to get an admissions decision?

Once your application is complete and verified in the SOPHAS system you will receive an e-mail notification from the UC Graduate School. Your application is not complete until you pay your UC Graduate School application fee. Once your UC application fee is processed, you will be notified of an admissions decision within 2-3 weeks.

Is there a deadline for admitted students to inform the program of their decision to enroll?

Yes. It is recommended that accepted applicants provide an electronic decision on their UC Graduate School application within one month from the date of their original offer. We understand that applicants need time to consider all of their options. Students who do not reply before the start of classes may forfeit their place in the program.

Additionally, students who choose accept their offer and then later choose not to matriculate to the University of Cincinnati must notify the MPH Program Coordinator to cancel or defer their application. 

MPH Program Coordinator: Angie Riall 513-558-5777;

Should I send in my application before I have all my supporting documentation, such as letters of reference and GRE scores?

Yes, you may submit your application without all the other materials. Submitting the application “on-line” starts the admissions process, but you should be sure to follow up as soon as possible with the rest of the application materials, since the process cannot be finalized and your application cannot be fully reviewed until we receive your application fees and all required, supporting documents.

Should reference letters for admission to the MPH program be academic or professional?

To be effective, the letters must show that the referee can explain why your background prepares you for a career in public health/preventive medicine and that you will be able to perform well under the rigors of graduate study. Therefore, letters of reference from current or past professors are the best choice. In addition, a letter from a health professional would be more appropriate than a letter from a business professional. However, if you do not have professional references from the general health field, a reference from a past supervisor that addresses your performance on the job and can assess qualities like responsibility, level of maturity, and other elements that will lend to success in graduate school, is entirely appropriate.

Does the MPH Program have a minimum GRE score requirement?

Competitive applicants have scores at the 50th percentile or higher. The admissions committee will review each application as a whole, taking all elements into consideration, but applicants with scores at or above the 50th percentile will be more competitive.

Can other tests replace the GRE?

The GRE is the preferred test of aptitude and are required for almost all applicants. There are two exceptions:

  • Applicants may provide MCAT scores.The test scores must be current; that is, results must not have expired (typically, the test will have been taken within the past 5 years).
  • Applicants may also submit recent GMAT scores (typically, the test will have been taken within the past 5 years).

I already have an MD (or PhD). Do I have to take the GRE to apply to the MPH Program?

If you have a terminal degree (Ph.D., MD) your scores may be waived after review of your application.

I took the GRE 10 years ago. Do I have to retake them to apply?

Yes, GRE test scores are only accepted within 5 years of the test date.

What is the UC’s code for the GRE scores?


If I am a foreign student. Do I need to take the TOEFL test?

If English is not your native language:
All applicants whose native language is not English must sit for theTest of English as a Foreign Language offered by the Educational Testing Service in countries throughout the world.

If English is your native language:
International applicants whose native language is English are typically exempt from taking the TOEFL, IELTS or PTE as part of the graduate admissions process, If you earned a degree in the U.S.:Applicants who hold a bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree from an accredited college or university located in the U.S. are typically exempt from taking the TOEFL, IELTS or PTE as part of the graduate admissions process.

When may I apply to the program?

If the application portal is open, you may apply to the program. International students must submit their application one month in advance to the start of the semester.

What is the deadline for international applications?

One month before the start date of the semester.

Do you have an open house/information session?

We schedule a mandatory student orientation before the beginning of Fall Semester that every student must attend. For students beginning in the Spring or Summer we organize smaller orientations that will introduce you the University of Cincinnati and the MPH program. You may schedule a one on one meeting with the Director of the Program to gain some more details about the programs as well.

Can I transfer courses that I took at another school?

Each course will be examined on a case by case basis by the director of the program.

Do you offer on-line courses?

Currently we do not offering any on-line core courses.
Additional courses may be offered in on-line format in the coming years; however, no student could expect to complete the degree requirements on line at this time. Classroom attendance is necessary for almost all courses

What are the tuition rates?

Tuition and fees can be viewed on our Graduate School webpage, here.

Do you offer any scholarships?

We currently only offer the O’Reilly international scholarship for currently enrolled second year international students only.

Do you provide any funding for graduate student tuition or expenses?

The MPH Program does not offer any graduate assistantship. We currently only offer the O’Reilly Scholarship for currently enrolled second year international students only.

I’m a new student. When can I register for classes?

The MPH Program posts an orientation web page in late spring that provides information to get students started on registration and preparation for the fall semester. If you are unsure of which courses you should take, it is also acceptable to wait to register until you have attended the Program’s Orientation session, which is scheduled during the first week of classes in August, before classes begin. The program typically gives registration priority to its students, so seats are almost always available for incoming students.

Can I take courses in the curriculum before being admitted to the MPH Program?

Applicants may take up to 12 transferable credit hours prior to formal admission, and credit for these courses may be counted toward the degree. Students who exceed this limit may have to repeat courses to meet degree requirements.