Today is Thursday, Feb. 22, 2018

Department of Environmental Health

Division of Epidemiology



Photo of Robert Bornschein, PhD

Robert Bornschein, PhD

Professor Emeritus

Photo of Kelly Brunst, PhD

Kelly Brunst, PhD

Assistant Professor

Photo of  C. Ralph Buncher, ScD, MS

C. Ralph Buncher, ScD, MS

Professor Emeritus

Photo of  Aimin Chen, MD, PhD

Aimin Chen, MD, PhD

Associate Professor

Photo of  Erin Haynes, DrPH, MS

Erin Haynes, DrPH, MS

Associate Professor

Photo of Scott Langevin

Scott Langevin

Assistant Professor

Adjunct, Secondary, & Volunteer Faculty

Photo of Tania Carreon-Valencia, PhD, MS

Tania Carreon-Valencia, PhD, MS

Assistant Professor

Photo of  Kari Dunning, PT, PhD

Kari Dunning, PT, PhD

Associate Professor


Photo of Jeanette Buckholz, RN, MSN

Jeanette Buckholz, RN, MSN

Research Associate

Photo of Jeffrey Burkle

Jeffrey Burkle

Research Associate

Photo of Jacqueline Knapke

Jacqueline Knapke

Program Director

Photo of Rachael Shepler

Rachael Shepler

Program Coordinator

Photo of Victoria Straughn

Victoria Straughn

Research Coordinator

Photo of Jennifer Veevers

Jennifer Veevers

Research Associate