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Department of Environmental Health

Division of Environmental Genetics and Molecular Toxicology

Photo of  Neville Tam, PhD

Neville Tam, PhD

Research Assistant Professor, Department of Environmental Health, UC College of Medicine

  • Bachelor of Science: University of Hong Kong
  • Master of Philosophy: University of Hong Kong
  • Doctor of Philosophy: University of Hong Kong

Contact Information
  • Kettering
  • 160 Panzeca Way
  • Cincinnati, Ohio 45267
  • Office 513-558-5194
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Peer Reviewed Publications

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Jin, Chang; Chen, Jing; Meng, Qinghang; Carreira, Vinicius; Tam, Neville N C; Geh, Esmond; Karyala, Saikumar; Ho, Shuk-Mei; Zhou, Xiangtian; Medvedovic, Mario; Xia, Ying 2013. Deciphering gene expression program of MAP3K1 in mouse eyelid morphogenesis. Developmental biology, 374 1, 96-107

Tam, Neville N C; Szeto, Carol Y Y; Freudenberg, Johannes M; Fullenkamp, Amy N; Medvedovic, Mario; Ho, Shuk-Mei 2010. Research resource: estrogen-driven prolactin-mediated gene-expression networks in hormone-induced prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia. Molecular endocrinology (Baltimore, Md.), 24 11, 2207-17

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Tam, Neville N C; Leav, Irwin; Ho, Shuk-Mei 2007. Sex hormones induce direct epithelial and inflammation-mediated oxidative/nitrosative stress that favors prostatic carcinogenesis in the noble rat. The American journal of pathology, 171 4, 1334-41

Tam, Neville N C; Nyska, Abraham; Maronpot, Robert R; Kissling, Grace; Lomnitski, Liat; Suttie, Andrew; Bakshi, Shlomo; Bergman, Margalit; Grossman, Shlomo; Ho, Shuk-Mei 2006. Differential attenuation of oxidative/nitrosative injuries in early prostatic neoplastic lesions in TRAMP mice by dietary antioxidants. The Prostate, 66 1, 57-69

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