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Department of

Environmental Health

Pheruza Tarapore

  • Ph.D.: University of Cincinnati
  • M.S.: University of Bombay
  • B.S.: University of Bombay

Research/Clinical Interests

RNA therapies for Cancer, Abiraterone resistance markers, Environmental epigenetics and cancer

Contact Information
  • University of Cincinnati
  • Department of Environmental Health
  • 160 Panzeca Way, Kettering Complex
  • Cincinnati, Ohio 45267-0056
  • Office 5135585148
  • Email

Peer Reviewed Publications

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Tarapore, P., Ying, J., Ouyang, B., Burke, B., Bracken, B., & Ho, S. 2014. Exposure to bisphenol A correlates with early-onset prostate cancer and promotes centrosome amplification and anchorage-independent growth in vitro. PloS One, 9 3, e90332

Lee, M., Ho, S., Tarapore, P., Chung, I., & Leung, Y. 2013. Estrogen receptor beta isoform 5 confers sensitivity of breast cancer cell lines to chemotherapeutic agent-induced apoptosis through interaction with Bcl2L12. Neoplasia (New York, N.Y.), 15 11, 1262-71

Lee, M., Leung, Y., Chung, I., Tarapore, P., & Ho, S. 2013. Estrogen receptor beta (ERbeta1) transactivation is differentially modulated by the transcriptional coregulator Tip60 in a cis-acting element-dependent manner. The Journal of Biological Chemistry, 288 35, 25038-52

Smithrud, D. B., Wang, X., Tarapore, P., & Ho, S. 2013. Crown Ether Host-Rotaxanes as Cytotoxic Agents. ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters, 4 1, 27-31

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Isaac, J., Tarapore, P., Zhang, X., Lam, Y., & Ho, S. 2012. Site-specific S-nitrosylation of integrin ?6 increases the extent of prostate cancer cell migration by enhancing integrin alpha1 association and weakening adherence to laminin-1. Biochemistry, 51 48, 9689-97

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