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Environmental Health

Photo of  Alexey Porollo, PhD

Alexey Porollo, PhD

Assistant Professor

  • Master's Degree: Mari State University
  • Doctoral Degree: Tver State University
  • Postdoctorate: Children’s Hospital Medical Center

Research/Clinical Interests

Biomedical Informatics

Contact Information
  • Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
  • 3333 Burnett Avenue
  • Cincinnati, Ohio 45267
  • Office 513-803-5489
  • Email

Peer Reviewed Publications

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de Bruin, Christiaan; Mericq, Verónica; Andrew, Shayne F; van Duyvenvoorde, Hermine A; Verkaik, Nicole S; Losekoot, Monique; Porollo, Aleksey; Garcia, Hernán; Kuang, Yi; Hanson, Dan; Clayton, Peter; van Gent, Dik C; Wit, Jan M; Hwa, Vivian; Dauber, Andrew 2015. An XRCC4 splice mutation associated with severe short stature, gonadal failure, and early-onset metabolic syndrome. The Journal of clinical endocrinology and metabolism, 100 5, E789-98

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Porollo, Aleksey 2014. EC2KEGG: a command line tool for comparison of metabolic pathways. Source code for biology and medicine, 9 , 19

Porollo, Aleksey; Sesterhenn, Thomas M; Collins, Margaret S; Welge, Jeffrey A; Cushion, Melanie T 2014. Comparative genomics of pneumocystis species suggests the absence of genes for myo-inositol synthesis and reliance on inositol transport and metabolism. mBio, 5 6, e01834

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Syed, Khajamohiddin; Porollo, Aleksey; Lam, Ying Wai; Grimmett, Paul E; Yadav, Jagjit S 2013. CYP63A2, a catalytically versatile fungal P450 monooxygenase capable of oxidizing higher-molecular-weight polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, alkylphenols, and alkanes. Applied and environmental microbiology, 79 8, 2692-702

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