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The Great Lakes OSHA Education Center is a consortium comprised of three organizations; the University of Cincinnati, Eastern Michigan University, and the United Automobile, Aerospace and Agricultural Implement Workers of America.  In 1995 the University of Cincinnati joined with the University of Minnesota to form the Great Lakes OSHA Training Consortium; and Eastern Michigan University, in association with the UAW Health and Safety Department created the Motor City Education Center.  In 2002, the Great Lakes and Motor City Education Centers joined to be one Regional Education Center.  This consolidation into one comprehensive program has increased the overall efficiency of the operation of the program and allowed for complementary expertise in program management and course content, resulting in exceptional training programs throughout OSHA Region V.  Glenn Talaska is the Director of the Great Lakes OSHA Education Center.

The University of Cincinnati College of Medicine has been offering health and safety short courses for over 50 years and has been home to a NIOSH-supported Education and Research Center (ERC) for approximately 30 years.  The NIOSH ERC and the OSHA Education Center are part of the Continuing Education Program which offers over 50 OSHA and industrial hygiene courses.  The Continuing Education Program is housed in the Department of Environmental Health in the College of Medicine.  UC is the lead organization in the Great Lakes OSHA Education Center.