Today is Thursday, Jan. 17, 2019

Department of Environmental Health

Risk Science Center (RSC)

Peer Review & Consultation

Engaging outside experts to review risk assessments and methods can help insure high quality and scientifically-defensible work products and results. Government agencies, NGOs and industry recognize the value added by expert peer review and the Risk Science Center is a world leader in providing independent expert review for all types of risk assessment documents and activities. We provide a variety of opportunities and services to engage expert peers, including in-person panel meetings, webcasts and webinars; letter reviews; workshops to develop risk values or methods; and in-house technical reviews.

For more information on the Independent Peer Review and Consultation Program, click on the links on the side bar or contact Ms. Jacqueline Patterson.

For Past Peer Review/Consultation Meetings & Workshops Reports or information contact Ms. Jacqueline Patterson.