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Department of Environmental Health

Risk Science Center (RSC)

UC Risk Science Center

The Science of Public Health Protection

The Risk Science Center conducts our work at the intersection of science and health protection. Chemicals are an important part of our daily lives. Some chemicals are essential to a healthy life, but exposure to chemicals may also present health risks. We study the way our bodies interact with the chemicals around us to determine the nature and extent of health risks.

The Risk Science Center is dedicated to scientific collaboration and transparency in support of public health protection. We strive for broad communication of risk science by providing risk managers, legislators, and ordinary citizens with the toxicology information they need to make important decisions about chemical safety.

Our Expertise


Human Health Risk Assessment

Our scientists combine a practitioner's knowledge of the issues and pitfalls involved in the development of human health risk assessments with cutting-edge toxicology expertise to develop state-of-the-science assessments.Learn more.


Peer Review & Consultation

Engaging outside experts to review risk assessments and methods can help insure high quality and scientifically-defensible work products and results.Learn more.


Risk Assessment Training

Our human health risk assessment courses aredesigned to provide systematic training in current assessment practices as well as in the latest methods in human health chemical risk assessment, such as ourDose-Response Assessment Boot Camp.Learn more.


Occupational Risk & Exposure

We work to support OEL development through two distinct programs: development of sound OELs by Centerstaff, and organizing independent peer reviews of values developed by others.Learn more.


Risk Methods Development

Our research seeks to enhance the use of data on mode and mechanism of action to inform qualitative and quantitative aspects of risk assessment.Learn more.


Pharmaceutical Support

We develop Occupational Exposure Limits for active pharmaceutical ingredients, identify safety implications of impurities, develop f-values, and determine how regulatory guidance applies to your particular situation.Learn more.


Site & Product Assessment

Weprovide integrated toxicology support for product safety evaluation and characterization of environmental site-related risks through our extensive network of international experts in exposure modeling.Learn more.


Ecological Risk Assessment

We provide our private and public sector clients withfully integrated health and environmental servicesto support safe, responsible, and compliant chemical characterization, formulation, and management.Learn more.


Green Chemistry

We embrace the principles of Green Chemistry to help our sponsors design products and processes that reduce or eliminate the generation of hazardous substances.Learn more.