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Department of Environmental Health

Center for Environmental Genetics


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CEG Research Symposium 2014 Oct

  • Bernhard Henning, PhD; Keynote Address: Nutritional Modulation of Environmental Pollutant Toxicity: Implications in Public Health
  • Hong Ji  (Pilot): Epigenetic influences of diesel exhaust particles in children
  • Laura Woollett (Pilot): Effects of PFOA on sterol metabolism and developmental programming
  • Alexey Porollo and Jagjit S. Yadav (Pilot): Functional Characterization of Genetic Polymorphisms of Human P450 CYP1A1
  • Andra L. Blomkalns (Pilot): Epigenetic Influence of Short Term High Fat Feeding on Perivascular Adipose Tissue
  • Abby Johnson (Pilot):Vitamin D Receptor Signaling in the Mammary Epithlium and Adipose Tissue Mediates Pubertal Glandular Development
  • Pheruza Tarapore (CDP award):  Effects of high fat diets and Bisphenal A on spermatogenesis
  • Vinothini Janakiram (CDP award): In utero exposure to bisphenol A and high fat diet reprograms rat mammary gland
  • Yuhang Zhang (CDP award): Melanoma, from Microenvironment to Macroenviroment
  • Esmond Geh (CDP award): Allergenicity Versus Toxicity of the Cyanobacterial Specie Microcystis aeruginosa
  • Heidi Hsieh (CDP award): Investigating the Mechanism of Zinc Toxicity in Olfactory Neurons


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