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Department of Environmental Health

Center for Health Related Aerosol Studies

Faculty, Staff, and Students


Photo of Jurate Virkutyte

Jurate Virkutyte

Assistant Professor


Photo of Jessica Bloomer

Jessica Bloomer

Program Coordinator

Photo of Jeanette Buckholz, RN, MSN

Jeanette Buckholz, RN, MSN

Research Associate

Photo of Reshmi Indugula

Reshmi Indugula

Research Associate

Photo of Mikhail Yermakov

Mikhail Yermakov

Research Associate

Postdoctoral Fellows

Photo of Christine James

Christine James

Graduate Medical Education

Graduate Students

Photo of Simileoluwa Ishau

Simileoluwa Ishau

Graduate Assistant

Photo of Christine Uebel-Niemeier

Christine Uebel-Niemeier

Graduate Assistant