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Department of Environmental Health

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Departmental Seminars

Day: Wednesday
Time: 10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.
Location: Kehoe Auditorium, Kettering Lab Complex G26
For further information, contact: Director’s Office, 558-5701

Fall 2019 Seminar Series

10/16/19 - Balancing cellular copper: fine regulation of an essential but toxic metal
Katherine E. Vest, Ph.D
Recording not available by request of the speaker
(Registered students can access the recording under the "Echo360 ALP" link in BlackBoard)

10/9/19 - Maritime Safety Research
Laurel Kincl, PhD, CSP
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10/2/19 - Dampness, Mold, and Health: What Science Says, What We Can and Can't Do with That, and What Do We Still Need to Figure Out?
Mark J. Mendell, PhD
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9/25/19 - Monitoring & Evaluation of large-scale HIV-AIDS intervention programs in low-resource settings
Sidhartha Deka, MSPH
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9/18/19 - Initiatives to Combat Low Back Pain and Neck Pain in Naval Aircrew
Peter Le, PhD
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9/11/19 - Studying medication use in pregnancy: Challenges and opportunities
Mollie Wood, PhD, MPH
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9/4/19 - Human milk impact on gut microbiota, immune modulation, and health
David S. Newburg
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8/28/19 - Roadmap to Resolution: Uranium Refinery to Wildlife Preserve: The evolution of U.S. Department of Energy and Stakeholder Relationships at the Fernald Preserve, Ohio, Site
Graham Mitchell, MES, and Penny Bordman
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