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Office of Diversity and Inclusion

Student Testimonials

The following are just a sampling of what students think of the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. 

Marcus GermanyMarcus Germany

MD Candidate Class of 2017  

Being a student at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine is a true honor and privilege. This institution is known for producing high-quality physicians, and I look forward to joining the prestigious fraternity of alumni. The effort that the college makes toward enrolling and retaining students of diversity is superior to many of the other medical schools that I considered. In fact, the work of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion sealed the deal for me to attend the UC College of Medicine as the entire staff is welcoming and personable, offering support and encouragement whenever I need it. All students should considering attending the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, especially those of diverse backgrounds!

Hamadi MurphyHamadi Murphy

MD Candidate Class of 2015

What I enjoy most about being a student at the UC College of Medicine are the many clinical opportunities we get a chance to be a part of from day one. Whether it’s volunteer activities with SNMA or our clinical assignments with community physicians, we have the chance to immediately get hands-on experience outside of the classroom, which is something unique to the new curriculum.  In addition to that, the Office of Diversity and Inclusion is incredibly supportive not just academically but also a social support system; they serve as an extended family bringing students and faculty together forming a support network that allows us to really reach our potential.  


Antonia SusarretAntonia Susarret

MD Candidate Class of 2016
One thing that the UC College of Medicine does really well is to create a community-oriented culture among the student body—within each class and across all four years. From day one, the programming promotes collaboration and fellowship so that we push each other to excel as a group. This is especially true as a diversity student; we have the added benefit of built-in mentorship in that we spend quality time with upperclassmen and faculty members and keep regular contact. We are never alone in this process.

Students from the Class of 2017.

Key Diversity Contacts

Associate Dean: 
Mia Mallory, MD
Associate Professor of Pediatrics

Assistant Dean: 
Christopher Lewis, MD
Associate Professor of Family Medicine

Learning Specialist:
Swati Pandya, MD

Program Coordinator: 
DeAnna Owens, MA, MEd

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