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Collaborative Research on Acute Neurological Injuries

Next up - Fall 2019 

Cutting-edge methods in Magnetoencephalography (MEG) and Multimodal Neuroimaging

Brady Williamson, PhD, UC Department of Radiology

When:    Thursday Oct 24 @ 1:00 PM

Where:   MSB 5-102   

Previous CRANI talks 2019 

Bedside Cerebral Ultrasound in patients after Hemicraniectomy

10/10/19 Vasisht Srinivansan, MD, UC Neurology/Rehabilitation Medicine

10/3/19 Poster presentations in preparation for upcoming Neuro-CC conference 

Measuring dynamic neuro-chemical changes in the injured brain using continuous on-line microdialysis    

9/26/19 Martyn Boutelle, PhD, Imperical College London, Biomedical Engineering

Metabolic signature of working memory in chronic TBI  

9/19/19 Jennifer McQuire, PhD, UC Neurocritical Care

Kickoff - Update on key acute clinical trials in neurology/neurosurgery and new team science sessions coming this Fall

9/12/19 Brandon Foreman, MD, UC Neurocritical Care

Summer Break 

Scoring, risk factors, and prognostic value of spreading depolarizations in TBI; results of hte AD-1 study  

5/23/19 Jed Hartings, Ph.D, UC Neurosurgery   

The Science of Team Building - how to develop team science within diverse groups of stakeholders 

5/16/19 Jack Kues, Ph.D, Associate Dean for Continuous Professional Development  

Brain Oxygenation Optimization in Severe Traumatic Brain Injury (BOOST)-3 study, a novel invasive brain monitoring-based clinical trial 

5/2/19  Natalie Kreitzer, MD, UC Emergency Medicine  

Inflammation and White Matter Injury in the Developing Brain

4/11/19  Brandon Miller, MD PhD, Department of Neurosurgery, University of Kentucky 

TBI/concussion and its effects on autonomic function 

4/11/19,  John Lorenz, MDProfessor, UC Department of Physiology 

4/4/19, Benedetta Leuner, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, Behavioral Neuroscience, Ohio State University 

Novartis BAF312 (siponimod) in ICH- an industry-sponsored clinical trial of a novel immunomodulatory agent 

3/14/19, Kyle Walsh, MD MS, UC Emergency Medicine and Stroke Team

Neuroimaging of pain and emotion: Computation, representation, and regulation

3/7/19, Tor Wagner, PhD, Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience, Center for Neuroscience, Institute of Cognitive Science, University of Colorado Boulder

Integrated Functional Optical Imaging and Electrical Encephalography (EEG) to Non-Invasively Measure Blood Flow and Oxygenation

2/28/19, Ulas Sunar, PhD, Associate Professor and Ohio Research Scholar in Medical Imaging in the Department of Biomed, Industrial, and Human Factors at Wright State University 

CHARM overview, a newly-enrolling Phase III clinical trial of IV glibenclamide

2/21/19, Brandon Foreman, MD, UC Neurocritical Care 

Machine Learning Approach to computationally quantifying Electrocorticography patterns 

2/14/19, Lauren Pahren, UC PhD graduate student

CPN (Center for Pediatric Neuroscience) Series

2/7/19, Richard Lu, PhD, UC Professor of Pediatrics 

K23 - Unmet needs/concerns, re: Patients with moderate and severe TBI and their Caregivers transition out of the ICU  

1/31/19, Natalie Kreitzer, MD, UC Emergency Medicine

Remembrance of Things Past: Pain circuits after neonatal injury

1/24/19, Mark Baccei, PhD, UC Medical Anesthesia Research 

Neuroimaging Informatics - Image Processing to Deep Learning

1/17/2019, Surya Prasath, PhD, CHM Biomedical Informatics 

"DOD 101"- How to Successfully Compete for DOD Funding

1/10/2019, Reed Skaggs, PhD, Lewis-Burke Associates, LLC

Mitigation by filling the Compensatory Reserve Volume by Jugular Compression and CO2 Modulation

12/13/2018, David Smith, MD, Affiliations: Visiting Scientist Chicago North Shore University, Department of Neurosurgery, Human Performance Laboratory Cincinnati, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center   

The Clinical Use of Neurophysiology in Acute Brain Injury

11/29/2018, Brandon Foreman, MD, UC Neurology and Neurocritical Care

CPN (Center for Pediatric Neuroscience) Series

12/6/2018, Magdalena Gotz, PhD, University of Munich 

Healthier Together: Learning Health Systems of Patients, Clinicians, Researchers Working to Transform Care 

11/16/2018, Peter Margolis, MD, PhD, CHM James A. Anderson Center 

Building a living database for TBI research 

11/8/2018, Laura B. Ngwenya, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor, UC Neurosurgery

Programming stress resilience and susceptibility in the adolescent brain - CRN Series 

11/1/2018, James Herman, PhD, UC Neurobiology Research Center Live Stream

Stroke: perspectives from the Chair - new ideas & future direction

10/25/2018 Brett Kissela, MD MS, UC Chair of Neurology and Rehabilitation Medicine and Senior Associate Dean for Clinical Research

Subdural Hematomas: Targeting the "talk and die" cohort

10/18/2018 David Robinson, MD, UC Neurocritical Care 

Role of Interleukin-1 and Serotonergic Signaling in Blast-Induced TBI

10/11/2018 Matthew Robson, PhD, UC Pharmacy 

CPN (Center for Pediatric Neuroscience) Series 

10/4/2018 Jacqueline N. Crawley, PhD, UC Davis School o f Medicine 

State of CRANI and Clinical Neurointensive Care Research Update

9/20/2018 Brandon Foreman, MD, UC Neurology/CC

Winter/Spring 2018

Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Spreading Depolarizations: Preliminary Results

1/11/2018 Gregory Lee, Translational Research, CCHMC Radiology

Translational Research Approaches to Disorders of Cognition

1/18/2018 Robert McCullumsmith, UC Psych & Behavioral Neuroscience

Regional variability analysis in glioblastoma & Intraoperative fluorescence-assisted brain tumor surgery

1/25/2018 Nickolas Marko, MD, UC Neurology/Brain Tumor Center

UC Radiology Imaging research lab activities, initiatives & team

2/1/2018 Achala Vagal, UC Radiology

The Biophysics of Aneurysm Formation and Rupture: How Will We Know?

2/8/2018 Charles Prestigiacomo, MD, UC Neurosurgery

Motion Preservation in the Spine

2/15/2018 Joseph Cheng, MD, UC Neurosurgery

Bye Week 2/22/18  

EEG in moderate-to-severe TBI & impact of seizures on functional outcome

3/1/2018 Hyunjo Lee, UC Neurology

Molecular Genetics and Neurology - Resources

3/8/2018 Daniel Woo, MD, UC Neurology

The Wave of Death in Severe Cerebral Ischemia

3/15/2018 Jed Hartings, PhD, UC Neurosurgery

K-grant specific aims review

3/22/2018 Laura Ngwenya, MD, PhD, UC Neurosurgery

Spring Break 3/29/18

What is StrokeNet?

4/5/2018 Pooja Khatri , UC Neurology Acute Stroke Research

IRB Review of Research enrolling Cognitively Impaired Participants

4/12/2018 Michael Linke, PhD, UC IRB

Acute regulation of brain energy metabolism in a porcine model of TBI and hypoxia

4/19/2018 Jen McGuire, Phd, UC Psychiatry/Neurosurgery

MRI Imaging - Brain Death Donation Research

4/26/2018 Jordan Bonomo, MD, UC EM/NCC

Bye week 5/10/18 - 24th Annual KY SCoBIRC Research Trust Symposium/Lexington   

Overview - CCTST's Acute Care Research Council

5/17/2018 Lynn Babcock, MD, Collaborative Update

Harnessing spinal circuits to improve breathing following spinal cord injury

5/24/2018 Steve Crone, Phd, CCHMC

CRANI Wrap-Up Session

6/7/2018 Brandon Foreman, MD, Accomplishments & Aspirations - round table/stakeholder feedback

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