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Collaborative Research on Acute Neurological Injuries

Thank you for making CRANI talks so enlightening this semester. Look forward to seeing everyone back in September 2019!

Previous CRANI talks 2019

Scoring, risk factors, and prognostic value of spreading depolarizations in traumatic brain injury: results of the SD-1 study

5/23/19 Jed Hartings, Ph.D, UC Neurosurgery      

The Science of Team Building - how to develop team science within diverse groups of stakeholders 

5/16/19 Jack Kues, Ph.D, Associate Dean for Continuous Professional Development  

Brain Oxygenation Optimization in Severe Traumatic Brain Injury (BOOST)-3 study, a novel invasive brain monitoring-based clinical trial 

5/2/19  Natalie Kreitzer, MD, UC Emergency Medicine  

Inflammation and White Matter Injury in the Developing Brain

4/11/19  Brandon Miller, MD PhD, Department of Neurosurgery, University of Kentucky 

TBI/concussion and its effects on autonomic function 

4/11/19,  John Lorenz, MDProfessor, UC Department of Physiology 

4/4/19, Benedetta Leuner, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, Behavioral Neuroscience, Ohio State University 

Novartis BAF312 (siponimod) in ICH- an industry-sponsored clinical trial of a novel immunomodulatory agent 

3/14/19, Kyle Walsh, MD MS, UC Emergency Medicine and Stroke Team

Neuroimaging of pain and emotion: Computation, representation, and regulation 

3/7/19, Tor Wagner, PhD, Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience, Center for Neuroscience, Institute of Cognitive Science, University of Colorado Boulder

Integrated Functional Optical Imaging and Electrical Encephalography (EEG) to Non-Invasively Measure Blood Flow and Oxygenation 

2/28/19, Ulas Sunar, PhD, Associate Professor and Ohio Research Scholar in Medical Imaging in the Department of Biomed, Industrial, and Human Factors at Wright State University 

CHARM overview, a newly-enrolling Phase III clinical trial of IV glibenclamide 

2/21/19, Brandon Foreman, MD, UC Neurocritical Care 

Machine Learning Approach to computationally quantifying Electrocorticography patterns 

2/14/19, Lauren Pahren, UC PhD graduate student

CPN (Center for Pediatric Neuroscience) Series

2/7/19, Richard Lu, PhD, UC Professor of Pediatrics 

K23 - Unmet needs/concerns, re: Patients with moderate and severe TBI and their Caregivers transition out of the ICU  

1/31/19, Natalie Kreitzer, MD, UC Emergency Medicine

Remembrance of Things Past: Pain circuits after neonatal injury  

1/24/19, Mark Baccei, PhD, UC Medical Anesthesia Research 

Neuroimaging Informatics - Image Processing to Deep Learning

1/17/2019, Surya Prasath, PhD, CHM Biomedical Informatics 

"DOD 101"- How to Successfully Compete for DOD Funding

1/10/2019, Reed Skaggs, PhD, Lewis-Burke Associates, LLC

Mitigation by filling the Compensatory Reserve Volume by Jugular Compression and CO2 Modulation

12/13/2018, David Smith, MD, Affiliations: Visiting Scientist Chicago North Shore University, Department of Neurosurgery, Human Performance Laboratory Cincinnati, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center   

The Clinical Use of Neurophysiology in Acute Brain Injury  

11/29/2018, Brandon Foreman, MD, UC Neurology and Neurocritical Care

CPN (Center for Pediatric Neuroscience) Series 

12/6/2018, Magdalena Gotz, PhD, University of Munich 

Healthier Together: Learning Health Systems of Patients, Clinicians, Researchers Working to Transform Care 

11/16/2018, Peter Margolis, MD, PhD, CHM James A. Anderson Center 

Building a living database for TBI research 

11/8/2018, Laura B. Ngwenya, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor, UC Neurosurgery

Programming stress resilience and susceptibility in the adolescent brain - CRN Series 

11/1/2018, James Herman, PhD, UC Neurobiology Research Center Live Stream 

Stroke: perspectives from the Chair - new ideas & future direction

10/25/2018 Brett Kissela, MD MS, UC Chair of Neurology and Rehabilitation Medicine and Senior Associate Dean for Clinical Research

Subdural Hematomas: Targeting the "talk and die" cohort

10/18/2018 David Robinson, MD, UC Neurocritical Care 

Role of Interleukin-1 and Serotonergic Signaling in Blast-Induced TBI

10/11/2018 Matthew Robson, PhD, UC Pharmacy 

CPN (Center for Pediatric Neuroscience) Series 

10/4/2018 Jacqueline N. Crawley, PhD, UC Davis School o f Medicine 

State of CRANI and Clinical Neurointensive Care Research Update

9/20/2018 Brandon Foreman, MD, UC Neurology/CC

Winter/Spring 2018

Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Spreading Depolarizations: Preliminary Results

1/11/2018 Gregory Lee, Translational Research, CCHMC Radiology

Translational Research Approaches to Disorders of Cognition

1/18/2018 Robert McCullumsmith, UC Psych & Behavioral Neuroscience

Regional variability analysis in glioblastoma & Intraoperative fluorescence-assisted brain tumor surgery

1/25/2018 Nickolas Marko, MD, UC Neurology/Brain Tumor Center

UC Radiology Imaging research lab activities, initiatives & team

2/1/2018 Achala Vagal, UC Radiology

The Biophysics of Aneurysm Formation and Rupture: How Will We Know?

2/8/2018 Charles Prestigiacomo, MD, UC Neurosurgery

Motion Preservation in the Spine

2/15/2018 Joseph Cheng, MD, UC Neurosurgery

Bye Week 2/22/18  

EEG in moderate-to-severe TBI & impact of seizures on functional outcome

3/1/2018 Hyunjo Lee, UC Neurology

Molecular Genetics and Neurology - Resources

3/8/2018 Daniel Woo, MD, UC Neurology

The Wave of Death in Severe Cerebral Ischemia

3/15/2018 Jed Hartings, PhD, UC Neurosurgery

K-grant specific aims review

3/22/2018 Laura Ngwenya, MD, PhD, UC Neurosurgery

Spring Break 3/29/18

What is StrokeNet?

4/5/2018 Pooja Khatri , UC Neurology Acute Stroke Research

IRB Review of Research enrolling Cognitively Impaired Participants

4/12/2018 Michael Linke, PhD, UC IRB

Acute regulation of brain energy metabolism in a porcine model of TBI and hypoxia

4/19/2018 Jen McGuire, Phd, UC Psychiatry/Neurosurgery

MRI Imaging - Brain Death Donation Research

4/26/2018 Jordan Bonomo, MD, UC EM/NCC

Bye week 5/10/18 - 24th Annual KY SCoBIRC Research Trust Symposium/Lexington   

Overview - CCTST's Acute Care Research Council

5/17/2018 Lynn Babcock, MD, Collaborative Update

Harnessing spinal circuits to improve breathing following spinal cord injury

5/24/2018 Steve Crone, Phd, CCHMC

CRANI Wrap-Up Session

6/7/2018 Brandon Foreman, MD, Accomplishments & Aspirations - round table/stakeholder feedback

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