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Connections Dual Admissions (BS/MD) Program

Academic Advising 

Upper Level Science Courses

  • Connections students are advised to plan for upper level science courses during their Junior and Senior years. 

  • The following are suggest upper level science courses offered at UC and UCCoM:

    • Biochemistry: MEDS3020 (1 semester) or MEDS4027 & MEDS4028 (2 semesters)
    • Medical Microbiology: MEDS3024C
    • Immunology: MEDS4023
    • Histology: MEDS3027C
    • Human/Comparative Anatomy: BIOL3020C
    • Human Medical Genetics: MEDS3022
    • Molecular Genetics: MEDS3021
    • Pharmacology: MEDS4029
    • Physiology: Courses TBA
    • Human Gross Anatomy: ANAT4051C

Early Graduation

  • Guidelines for early graduation (remember your matriculation date is not affected by early graduation) 
    • Early Graduation Timeline Example

  • To propose early graduation, students must have taken or plan to take as part of their proposal 2 or more upper-level BCPM courses (see course list above) 

  • Students must submit a written proposal to graduate early (see timeline)

Letters of Recommendation

We love and enjoy writing letters of recommendation (LORs) for our Connections students so we can let others know how wonderful you are! Please follow these instructions in order to request LORs:

  • Request via email to Director with at least 4 weeks notice of the LOR deadline
  • After approval has been received, send the following materials to the Director:
    • CV
    • Reason you are applying to the specific program/organization (e.g., SURF Program, Student Orientation Leader)
    • Any other relevant documents that will help your advisors write the LOR

Undergraduate Advising Offices

Other Resources




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2016-17 Program Timeline

September 1, 2016 – Connections application available online via MedOneStop at 8:00 AM EST

November 9, 2016 – Deadline to submit Connections application 

December 19, 2016 – Invitations to interview will be sent out via email by 5PM EST

January 9, 2017 & January 25, 2017 -- Interviews
*Students traveling >250 miles are given priority for date selection. 

March 2017 – Admission decisions will be sent out via email by 5PM EST

May 1, 2017 – Offer response deadline

Note: Students who are invited to interview will be assigned to an interview date. Interviews are required and are in-person at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine.