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Center for Health Informatics

Get Research Data

One primary service of the core is to provide access to clinical data for research.

Effective 1 July 2018, the following hourly rates apply:

Data Services - $72 *, **, ***
Application & Technology Development - $70
Health Analytics - $72

Clicking the  “Submit a Request Now” link below will connect you to the CCTST. If you are not a member, you need to join (it is very easy). Please click on the “Join Now” button located in the Become a Member blue box on the CCTST page. If you are CCTST member, then please log in with your username and password. Once inside the portal, please submit the request, “Request Assistance with your Research Project,” and be sure to select “Electronic Medical Record” under Services Requested. The CHI host other services for Investigators on our extranet ( and selecting “Resources for Principle Investigators” in the header.

The estimated time for data delivery is approximately 45 days pending complexity of the submitted request. Researchers funding data requests can expect to have delivery time significantly reduced. 

The chart below summarizes the types of data available, formats, IRB approvals needed and approximate time to process.

Submit a Request Now  

 Data Type  Description   Format IRB Approval/
waiver needed
Approx. time to process
Aggregates Simple counts
of cohort
iCREW (web client) or email response No iCREW (self-service): immediate
Custom: four days to four weeks
De-identified Data with all 18 identifiers removed As needed No Four days to four weeks
Limited data set 15 of 18 identifiers removed As needed No (but Data Use Agreement needed) Four days to four weeks
Full data set Fully identified data used for recruitment As needed Yes (and Data Use Agreement needed) Four days to four weeks
Preparatory reviews Initial review to assist with protocol development Must be done in Center (data cannot leave facility) No (but numerous restrictions apply) Must schedule; 2-3 weeks out
De-identified, limited and full data sets are delivered to a secure directory hosted in the UC Secure Data Center. Permissions to the PI and authorized users are assigned immediately with an email notification.

You may contact CHI ( with any preliminary questions regarding the capabilities, processes, clarification, etc.  However, no labor can be applied until a CCTST ID has been assigned. 

* Each investigator will received 20 credit hours of data extraction services per fiscal year.  Hourly charges will commence after the 20 hour credit hours are exhausted.

** Medical students will receive 20 credit hours for data extraction services per fiscal year.  The student's mentor will be responsible for approval of all requests submitted. 

*** Data request work for grant submission - where BMI and/or CHI services are part of the budget justification - will receive 20 credit hours per project.