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Proteomics Laboratory

Proteomics is the large-scale analysis of protein expression patterns. Along with functional genomics, proteomics is now an established tool for investigators to better understand the molecular events underlying many biological processes. 

The UC Proteomics Laboratory is fully equipped with the protein separation and mass spectrometry equipment as well as the trained personnel to perform comparative analyses of complex protein mixtures and to identify the differentially-expressed proteins. 

Proteomics laboratory personnel also offer guidance to the research community regarding the feasibility of a given approach and/or advice on proteomics experimental design to enhance the probability of success.  Please contact the lab director to set up a consultation.


Research Expertise

The research expertise in the Proteomics Laboratory is divided into two subcategories - protein preparation and electrophoresis section and mass spectrometry section.

Protein Preparation and Electrophoresis Section
The protein preparation and electrophoresis section assists investigators in evaluating protein expression changes that occur in a biological system, such as during disease development and progression, stress or drug exposure, or during normal cell and tissue development. The identification of changing protein expression patterns can provide important information about pathways involved in these processes and can lead to the identification of new protein markers for the diagnosis or the treatment of diseases.

Mass Spectrometry
The mass spectrometry section provides the identification of differentially-expressed proteins and the characterization of protein modifications (e.g. phosphorylation, glycosylation).  Furthermore various heavy isotope tagging methods (e.g. iTRAQ, SILAC) are used in the laboratory such that the mass spectrometer can be used to both identify the proteins and quantify the changes in abundance. Additional research oriented projects include methods to quantify global changes in phosphorylation from cell and tissues and mass spectrometry-based methods for enzyme assays and high-throughput inhibitor screening.



The Proteomics Laboratory provides services to investigators in the analysis and identification of complex protein mixtures using Two-Dimensional Gel Electrophoresis and Mass Spectrometry.  The laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation including four mass spectrometers, to address the various needs of the investigators. 

In addition to assisting investigators in the design of their proteomics experiments and advice on sample collection and storage, the laboratory offers the following services:

UC Proteomics Laboratory Instrumentation 2D Gels and Image Analysis Protein Identification by Mass Spectrometry Mapping Other Covalent Protein Modifications Capturing and ID of Interacting Proteins QA of Protein Samples Mapping Protein Modifications: Phosphorylation Confirmation of Peptide Sequence by MS/MS iTRAQ Approach for Comparative Protein Profiling Proteomics Laboratory Personnel




Proteomics  Laboratory - Costs for Services


The Proteomics laboratory is committed to providing collaborative expertise & services in proteomics & biological mass spectrometry both as fee-for-service and as grant supported partnerships.

Location & Hours:
The core is located in the Vontz Center for Molecular Studies Room 1208-1216. It is open Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. or by appointment with the director. The phone number is 513-558-4057.

Services & Rates:

Description      Internal Rate
 Protease digestion and peptide recovery per sample    35.00
 MALDI-TOF/TOF and protein ID per sample    60.00
 nanoLC-MS/MS and protein ID per sample    150.00
 MALDI-TOF of intact protein per sample    60.00
 Sample preparation by buffer exchange per sample    20.00
 Serum immunodepletion by IgY spin columns per sample    30.00
 Protein Concentration by Pierce 660 assay per sample    15.00
 2D gel separation per sample    165.00
 Gel Stain (Silver Coomassie) per gel    30.00
 Mini 2D gels per sample    115.00
 Mini 1D gels per gel    85.00
 iTRAQ sample prep and labeling for 4-plex (<100 ug) sample    355.00
 Preparative High pH Reverse Phase separation w/fraction collection    90.00
 Data processing and report generation per hr    40.00
 Research Associate hourly rate    40.00
 Director hourly rate    140.00
 Material Cost Pass through    cost


Proteomics Laboratory FAQ's

  • How do I submit a sample for proteomics analysis?

  • How much protein do I need to identify it by mass spectrometry?

  • I have heard that protein identification by MS could not be done on silver-stained gels, is this true?

  • I have a protein that gives a nice band by western blot, can you identify the protein?

  • What about protein identification from immunoprecipitations?

  • I think my protein has modifications (phosphorylation, glycosylation, ubiquitination, etc) can you identify all the modification sites?

  • I got my results back and some of the protein identification said "keratin contamination," what does this mean?

  • Why did I get multiple proteins identified from one band or spot on the gel and can I tell which one is more abundant?

Proteomics Laboratory Team