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Graduate Program in Cancer and Cell Biology

The Graduate Program in Cancer and Cell Biology is an interdepartmental graduate program with expertise in many critical areas of modern Cancer and Cell Biology. It is our philosophy that Ph.D. training must be intellectually stimulating, congenial, and geared toward successful careers in a variety of fields.

Program faculty are concentrated in the Department of Cancer & Cell Biology, which administers the Program, and in the Division of Experimental Hematology and Cancer Biology at Children’s Hospital, with additional faculty drawn from more than 10 departments at UC and Children's Hospital. 

Faculty selected to join the program are recognized leaders in their fields, and provide excellence, dedication, and personal involvement in graduate training. As a consequence, our graduate students excel in research and are highly successful in their scientific careers.

Successful completion of the program typically involves four to five years beyond the bachelor's degree. Over 90 percent of our graduates then go on to postdoctoral training at elite institutions.  

Most of our graduates eventually assume research or teaching careers in academia, but many take positions in biotech or pharmaceutical companies, with scientific and technical writing firms, or in the healthcare or medical professions.

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