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Department of

Cancer Biology


Photo of  Tom Cunningham, PhD

Tom Cunningham, PhD

Assistant Professor

Photo of  Maria Czyzyk-Krzeska, MD, PhD

Maria Czyzyk-Krzeska, MD, PhD


Photo of  Jiajie Diao, PhD

Jiajie Diao, PhD

Assistant Professor

Photo of  Chunying Du, PhD

Chunying Du, PhD

Associate Professor

Photo of  Jun-lin Guan, PhD

Jun-lin Guan, PhD

Department Chair

Photo of  David Plas, PhD

David Plas, PhD

Associate Professor

Photo of  Xiaoting Zhang, PhD

Xiaoting Zhang, PhD

Associate Professor

Faculty Researchers

Photo of Eric Hugo, PhD

Eric Hugo, PhD

Assistant Professor

Photo of Chenran Wang, PhD

Chenran Wang, PhD

Assistant Professor


Affiliate Faculty (Secondary Appointments)


Cincinnati Children's
Daniel Starczynowski, PhD Professor
Susanne Wells, PhD Professor
Yi Zheng, PhD Professor
UC Department of Internal Medicine
Atsuo Sasaki, PhD Assistant Professor, Hem/Onc
UC Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering
Chia-Chi Ho, PhD Professor, CEAS
UC Department of Radiation Oncology
Vinita Takiar, PhD Assistant Professor
Adjunct/Associate Professor Faculty
Shao-Chun Wang, PhD Associate Professor
Emeritus Faculty
Robert Cardell, PhD Emeritus Chair
Robert Brackenbury, PhD Emeritus Professor
Sohaib Khan, PhD Emeritus Professor
Linda Parysek, PhD Emeritus Professor
Emeritus Professor