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About Cancer Biology

Cancer Biology Faculty and Students

The Cancer Biology Department is the home of a dynamic, collaborative and highly interactive faculty with cutting-edge research programs that span a wide range of cancer-related topics. 

Every new discovery and success in our laboratories—big and small—is putting our dreams of eradicating (or controlling) cancer closer than ever to reality. We hope you will join us in our fight against cancer through basic and translational research at this most opportune and exciting time. 

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Welcome to UC!

Dr. Chen

We would like to welcome Jianjun Chen, PhD, associate professor, to the UC Department of Cancer Biology. Dr. Chen's research focuses on cancer-related genetic and epigenetic changes in leukemia by use of both genomics and genetics tools.


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Research Finds Key to Gene Stability, Could Lead to New Cancer Targets

Researchers have found new protein players that help keep genome stability.They hope this discovery will help in the development of new targetedtherapeutics for cancer. Read Story

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