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Medical Student Academic Support & Counseling

Meet your Student Wellness Team

Amanda Beyer SWC

Amanda Beyer


Student Groups: Student Wellness, Med Mentors, Peds Club, Nutrition Scholars Program, Medical Spanish and Latino Health
Research Interests:Pediatric food allergy, nutrition, integrative medicine
Career Goals:I hope to become a clinician in a subspecialty of pediatrics and also conduct clinical research..
Favorite Strategies for Wellness: Walking or running in nature, meditation with
Hobbies: Marathon training, vegetarian cooking, listening to audiobooks.
Image of Selena Dasari

Selena Dasari


Student Groups:Student Wellness Committee, Integrative Medicine Interest Group, AMA, Nutrition Scholars
Research Interests: Nutrition, Mental Health, stress on the molecular level
Career Goals: Create a medical practice I love and that helps many people.
Favorite Strategies for wellness: Running, meditation, being outdoors
Hobbies: soccer, working out/running, singing in the shower.
Katelyn Gordon

Katelyn Gordon


Student Groups: Women Leading Healthy Change, Financial Aid Advisory Committee, Nutrition Medical Student Scholars Program.
Research Interests: Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Gastroenterology
Career Goals: Career in academic medicine in a sub-specialty in pediatrics with a research focus related to nutrition.
Favorite Strategies for Wellness: Meditation, Yoga, running, and cooking healthful foods
Hobbies: Traveling, cooking/baking, exercise, binge-watching culinary shows, reading.
Image of Emily Moss

Emily Moss


Student Groups:MSA, Med Mentors, Student Wellness Committee
Research Interests:Integrative Health
Career Goals:Family Medicine, Psychiatry
Favorite Strategies for Wellness: yoga and fresh air
Hobbies:Barre, cooking, and playing piano.
Carmela Riposo SWC

Carmela Riposo


Student Groups:Student Wellness Committee, Mind-Body Workshop Participant.
Research Interests:I am not currently involved in research, but I have past experience in studying the enzyme kinetics of V34X modified Factor XIII, an enzyme involved in the blood clotting cascade.
Career Goals:While I have no idea what specialty I want to pursue, I want to find a career path that I really love.
Favorite Strategies for Wellness: A walk outside, meditation, a warm cup of tea, and not worrying about getting perfect grades.
Hobbies:Reading classics or fantasy, Netflix, hanging with my cat, and yoga.
Image of Ellie Eckert

Ellie Eckert


Student Groups:Med Mentors, Pediatrics Medical Student Scholars, Student Wellness.
Research Interests: Fragile X Syndrome, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Developmental Disabilities and Behavioral Psychology, Pharmacology.
Career Goals:Pediatrics, Developmental Disabilities, Neurology.
Favorite Strategies for Wellness: Exercise, Walking outdoors/Hiking, Cooking new recipes.
Hobbies: Baking, Walking/Hiking, Traveling, Spending time with friends/family.
Rachel Novick

Rachel Novick


Student Groups:Student Wellness, AMA, PEDS Club, JMSA.
Career Goals:Pediatric Oncologist.
Favorite Strategies for Wellness: I enjoy exercising, unwinding with friends, and the wellness room massage chair as tools for relaxation and wellness! And always try to get enough sleep.
Hobbies:Co-chair of Groovernaculum, and teach figure skating lessons in Kentucky.
Tricia Hengehold

Tricia Hengehold


Student Groups:AMA, Student Wellness Ambassador
Research Interests:Emergency Medicine, Surgery
Career Goals:Choosing a specialty that is hands on and that I love
Favorite Strategies for Wellness: Finding an exercise routine that gives you non-academic goals!
Hobbies:Running, spending time outdoors and making time to see friends

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