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MD/MS in Nutrition Dual Degree

Nutrition students in class.

About the Program

The University of Cincinnati College of Medicine and the Department of Nutritional Sciences at the College of Allied Health Sciences have developed a MD/MS in Nutrition dual degree program.

Many exciting academic challenges and employment opportunities occur at the interface of these two disciplines. In the future, for example, it is predicted that dietary recommendations will be tailored to individual genotype for optimal health and disease management.

The combined knowledge of nutrition and medical principles gained from this dual degree program is expected to address the increasing emphasis in medical and graduate education on multidisciplinary work, encourage robust approaches to investigative efforts of major public health problems such as diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease and cancer, and improve the ability of the practitioner to use behavioral strategies to enhance patient compliance with lifestyle recommendations.

These goals place new educational demands that may not be met by traditional programs.

The Master of Science in Nutrition program provides medical students with:

  • A comprehensive knowledge in the biochemical and physiological aspects of human nutrition.
  • Knowledge of methodologies used in nutrition research and nutrition intervention.
  • Skills in research design, implementation, evaluation, and interpretation.

Length of program:

The program is 5 years long. The student completes the one-year MS program coursework on a full-time basis between the 3rd and 4th years of medical school. Thesis work can be completed during the 4th year of medical school.

  • Year 1: First year of medical school
  • Year 2: Second year of medical school
  • Year 3: Third year of medical school
  • Year 4: MS in Nutrition program
  • Year 5: Fourth year of medical school